Friday, October 19, 2012

When You Got Nothing...You Got Nothing To Lose

Worn to bare threads
Hands no longer have 
Energy to hold on
Numbness set in  

Youth died with trust
Outcries gone unheard
Useless to fight the memories

Grand oasis of oblivion
Opens up to swallow me alive as
Tears drown out any hope  

November bore a curse upon this world
Outcast from the start 
The things that make one human...missing
Hidden beneath a layer of mistrust
Indignation brewed beneath the surface
Night after wretched night 
Grabbing hold like a demonic vice  

Yearning for release
Out numbered and overthrown
Ugly scar upon the face of humanity   

Grasping for hope 
Only to slide back down 
The floor of that dark pit awaits

Numbness sought with every prick of the skin
Only to crash back harder 
Time waits for no man, but neither does it hurry along
Hope flickers like a dying flame
Indignation rotting away at the core 
Nothing seems to matter 
Giving up and giving in 

Time wont heal some wounds
Oblivion's  kiss the only relief

Life has run it's course
Outlived its usefulness
Scared and bruised my being and finally
Eviscerated my will to remain

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Expired Existence

Shadows of doubt encrypting my mind
 another day passes still walkin' the line
 weathered roads, scarred and worn
 run through this life, all broken and torn

 Sever the past that forever will haunt
 quell the demons that endlessly taunt
 no longer do i have the will
 to fight this raging urge to kill

 Take this existence from me
 run me through then set me free
 release the sorrow to flow like rain
 as I drain this life from my veins

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shadowed Reflection

Because of you I curse my daily existence
as time creeps ever so slowly towards its end
You leave me standing in a world of darkness,
constant shadows enveloping my being
suffocating in a misty gloom of forgotten dreams,
broken promises, and lost hope
I wish to shatter your existence forever
cut you down leaving you to bleed
You left my world nearly colorless,
muted shades of gray and blue
a fog that covers my soul and suffocates endlessly.
In your eyes I see the lost hope of humanity
the slow decay of time and purpose.
Because of you I can not see past my faults
my weakness and my constant pain.
You hold me prisoner within myself
forced to live a life unwanted and detached
void of all feeling of worth and reason.
A shadowed reflection of myself, gazing back into my eyes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Shadows of hope fade into the darkness,
consumed by the world around them,
crying out yet silent,
then fading, and gone.
A mind that does not think past the moment,
causing heartache to those around it,
destroying that, which should have embraced.
Selfish, worthless, unworthy.
Time wasted that should have been cherished,
time lost, that can now, never be replaced.
Now, In these twilight hours of my being,
as the light draws to a close,
and fades to shades of violet and black,
a clock ticking off its final moments,
all I can say is... I am sorry.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007

False Knowledge of the Heart

How does one feel the right
to say what another's heart feels?
Do they feel its agony,
when the world around it falls in ruin?
Do they feel its gentle sigh,
in moments of rare serenity?
The gentle breeze and
smell of damp earth that calms it?
The brilliant flash of lightning in
summer storms that excite it?
Do they feel its numbness at times,
brought on my the world around it?
Do they feel it break?
Shatter into pieces and bleed dry?
How does one feel the right
to say what another's heart feels?
They may think they have the knowledge
of what lies inside,
But quite simply.....They don't.

Thought Expressed To A Friend


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Why must things always slip through the cracks,
fall to the ground and shatter ,
crashing into a thousand shards of lost hope,
and infinite agony?
Why am I so detached in this time and place?
Feeling lost,
left to wander a world I was never meant to be part of.
Drifting through these the years wishing each to be my last
yet my heart still beats on in agony.
Lost or forgotten dreams seem to haunt my mind,
as life holds me here against my will.
I wish to be free,
to be forever rid of this endless roaming.