Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sunset on Sanity

Voices... Like an endless wind
blowing through the mind.
Tearing apart what was once whole,
leaving behind wreckage.
Disorganized thought... Bits and pieces

Nothing more...Broken, disarranged.
Like a thousand shards of glass
from shattered windows.

Cloaked in shadows,
moving like a myst.

Lost between worlds.

What is reality, what is dream.
Is any of this more then delusion


What causes such malfunction

Bound together.

Twisted and warped.

A train wreck within the mind.

Indifference ...Passion... Antipathy

Impossible to make sense of it anymore.
Fading...The endless ticking of time.
Minute by minute..Hour by hour.

As the sun sets on his sanity.


Robyn said...

Thanks the Gods, your writer's block is over. Glad to see you can write again Bro!

Love and Light

ReaZ said...

Nice to see you writing again bro. Good job btw.