Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Silent thoughts cut through the mind
like a sword of lightning.
Giving light to shadow filled corners.
Blue bathed clarity.
Somehow still a filtered example
of true reality.
Short glimpses ,obscured thought.
Unfocused existence in an overcast mind.


Lane said...

Your mind may be confused sometimes... but even for the chaos, it remains the most beautiful mind I know.


Jessica said...

That is one of my favorite pieces of yours yet.

Robyn said...

What Dot said. :)

and lightning is meant to only show glimpses. Until you allow the sun to rise bro, you are stuck with the still shots lightning gives instead of the movie life is meant to be. You know I love you.

Breeze said...

i was going to post something silly in an atempt to make you smile. but in a form of communication that has no tone it usually comes out wrong and not funny at all. so for the part of the post that would have been honest and heart felt. i think this is one of the more ....word here... possitive(not the perfect word but it works) poems i have seen from you. if you look closely , or when i look closely, i see a ray of hope.

love ya breeze