Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dear Life,
Once again you have bitten me in the ass.
As winter fades and spring arrives, bringing things
back to life from their long winters sleep, I sit
here numb. You know why, I do not need to explain it to you.
You know it all, the struggle...The pain..The exhaustion.
Why do I even write this, I do not know. But I am none the less.
I am writing to to bitch, to tell you how damned angry I am.
I write to wall back the emotions which are dying to
break free and cause a flood that I could not stop.
Over and over it repeats in my mind, words I do not care to hear.
A fight I am tired of fighting..I am a broken blade in the battle of life.
And I am writing this to tell you I have had enough...Leave me alone.


Scoobs said...

Every night since I've had the experience of coma, I've had a voice that tells me to "GET UP" in my dreams. It's not that of anyone I've known or met.. Recently the voiced stopped, I think my meds with the stress are starting to weaken my mentality..I hope that your shattered blade, can be re-made; life's greatest joke is giving only one choice within two choice answer to its riddle..

Seraphim said...

Sometimes I wish life would listen, because then I'd have more to say than just leave me alone. But nonetheless, I can relate to your blip thing.. Because I have no other word for that.. so ... meow.

Seraphim said...

I think I wrote something to my heart.. The reason I'm reminded of it was through re-reading your post. I wish I had the command of words as you do. Write on and I will learn from you.