Friday, November 11, 2005

Im not that strong ,
at times I feel as if im a candle flame
in the swiftly growing wind of a storm,
fighting against all odds to stay lit,
that is not strength.
We all make choices,
we all have the choices to make,
and we make them,
one is never forced to love ,
I was never forced to live,
you were never forced to care.
We all makes choices to do the things we do in this life,
it just seems that at times,
somehow along the way,
things get bent and warped in shape,
never quite seem to go in the directions we intended them too.
And so we go on living,
trying to make sense of it all,
wade thru the dark waters, fight against the winds ,
and fight to get a grasp on something that is steady and calm.
But sometimes when we think that we have found that steady thing to grasp,
it too snaps like a rotted branch of a tree,
and we are once again falling,
and searching for something else to grab hold of.

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