Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For Robyn

Hello old friend.
It has been an eternity
it seems since I have heard anything from you.
I take it all has fallen to its end,
you have moved on with your life,
and left things behind.
I guess I can understand this.
We all need change,
we all evolve into something new.
Time rolls along on its never ending journey,
and things are buried in its wake.
New things are found,
as the old rots and fades away.
We grow and change into something that we must be,
someone who can face the world with open eyes each day,
and not have to pretend to those around us.
And as much as I know this is the way that things work,
it still hurts,
still leaves an empty hole where sunshine and laughter once lay.
Where the gentle words of a caring friend took away the grey clouds,
that overshadowed life.
Even if it was just a temporary break in a storm cast world,
it was welcomed, cherished.
And now it is missed.
I hope your life is treating you well.
I hope the choice you have made,
is the right one for you.
I also hope that you too, have that special person,
who can clear away your storms and bring you light.
I just hope they do not blow away,
like a dead leaf in an autumn wind.


Anonymous said...

You will find her again if you know where to look

Anonymous said...

You see, I was right.