Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shadowed Reflection

Because of you I curse my daily existence
as time creeps ever so slowly towards its end
You leave me standing in a world of darkness,
constant shadows enveloping my being
suffocating in a misty gloom of forgotten dreams,
broken promises, and lost hope
I wish to shatter your existence forever
cut you down leaving you to bleed
You left my world nearly colorless,
muted shades of gray and blue
a fog that covers my soul and suffocates endlessly.
In your eyes I see the lost hope of humanity
the slow decay of time and purpose.
Because of you I can not see past my faults
my weakness and my constant pain.
You hold me prisoner within myself
forced to live a life unwanted and detached
void of all feeling of worth and reason.
A shadowed reflection of myself, gazing back into my eyes.

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The Lady said...

You still about Bro?