Friday, October 19, 2012

When You Got Nothing...You Got Nothing To Lose

Worn to bare threads
Hands no longer have 
Energy to hold on
Numbness set in  

Youth died with trust
Outcries gone unheard
Useless to fight the memories

Grand oasis of oblivion
Opens up to swallow me alive as
Tears drown out any hope  

November bore a curse upon this world
Outcast from the start 
The things that make one human...missing
Hidden beneath a layer of mistrust
Indignation brewed beneath the surface
Night after wretched night 
Grabbing hold like a demonic vice  

Yearning for release
Out numbered and overthrown
Ugly scar upon the face of humanity   

Grasping for hope 
Only to slide back down 
The floor of that dark pit awaits

Numbness sought with every prick of the skin
Only to crash back harder 
Time waits for no man, but neither does it hurry along
Hope flickers like a dying flame
Indignation rotting away at the core 
Nothing seems to matter 
Giving up and giving in 

Time wont heal some wounds
Oblivion's  kiss the only relief

Life has run it's course
Outlived its usefulness
Scared and bruised my being and finally
Eviscerated my will to remain

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