Thursday, July 29, 2004


It creeps up againthat feeling that is known so well , slowly seeping in like a thick fog, suffocating and heavy, His thoughts seem so scattered, like leaves in a brisk autumn wind blown around , tossed and twisted. sights and sounds intertwined forming a macabre dance within his mind How things have a way of changing so fast.flashing through the mind like lightning across a stormy sky deadly, yet beautiful at the same time buried in furor... lost in delirium will it ever end? or will it stretch on endlessly swirling and churning like a thousand drops of water in a raging river slamming against rocks.. angry... relentless or will it change? like a flaming crimson sunset, casting shadows over a calm lake...light slowly fading.... dying till there is no more, and all that remains is darkness.. silence...  tranquility.