Friday, January 28, 2005

Death of a Heart

What is it that causes a heart to die?
Is it pains from long past years,
Creaping up to haunt a troubled mind?
Memories of those before who have taken
slashes at the heart with a knife of deceit?
Leaving open wounds to bleed for a lifetime,
Unable to heal...agonized,tormented.
Bruised and battered trust...lost forever,
Drowning in a river is mistrust.


Breeze said...

hi bret :) was cool to see you had dropped by my place. as usual i love what you wrote. sometimes i think thats a very valid question. does it impact physically when we are harmed emotionally. i believe it does.

so hows the weather there? we are freezing our butts off here!

love ya breeze

Robyn said...

Deep thoughts for deep wounds. A day of depth for us all.

Love and Light

Bret said...

its colder than frozen hell here breez, i hate it more than anyone could possibly know

stefushfan said...

Why not move to somewhere warm?

Seraphim said...

I dunno why, but I usually feel like replying in lyric to what you write. This is no exception, but I'll keep those thoughts for my own space. Sometimes I feel as though there is a little man in my body with a razor just taking chunks of my metaphysical heart, and sewing them back where convinient.
At any rate - the tired line of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...Fragile things are more appriciated after broken - unfortunately the heart is no exception.