Thursday, February 03, 2005


Shed not a single tear when i am gone
I will be free....
All the torture of living
will be released from me...
Now I am Free
No more days of torture
and nights of pain
Death will bring me release at last
With life i had nothing to gain....
Now I am Free
There are a few I'll miss
but I shed not a single tear
I embrace death with my whole being
not a hint of fear....
Now I am Free
And as the veil of death covers my eyes
and life is released in a river of crimson blood
I leave this world ...with a laugh
Because I am Finaly Free


Robyn said...

I am still here Bro. You know what? Short of, I dont know, blowing up the whole world there is nothing you could do that would make me ditch you.

Messenger now works!! You know where to find me. We love you!!!

Love and Light

Seraphim said...

It felt hollow.
Which is , I suppose what you were going for.
I know I'm probably going to be bitched out for critiquing the words and not asking about the person.
I don't know you like these people do, though.
If it helps, I'd like to. Stick around so I can - Please?