Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The journey of life is filled with bits and pieces of the people we meet along the way. Sometimes the pieces are treasured for all eternity, held close to the heart and kept safe, protected with force known as love. Other times the pieces turn out to be shifting sands in a never ending hour-glass...falling, changing, becoming something completely different. Choices are made, and loves are lost, forever blown to the wind. Hopes are shattered, destroyed with the realization that what they were thought to be, was never true, had always been an illusion cloaked within a mist. The realization of such falsehoods leaves raw wounds that never completely heal, rough edges that are forever on the verge of bleeding .


Robyn said...

Sounds like sad times Bro. I hope you are ok.

Love and Light

Breeze said...

*gives bret a warm hug, and reminds him i'm never far away. neither are those who love you.

love and hugs breeze