Thursday, August 19, 2004

Strange how the mind seems to work, or not work for that matter..One minute it can seem fine, then the next its a total train wreck, Nothing makes sense...Thoughts and sounds all intertwine in an endless rambling of nonsense..Fractions of sentences, shards of words, little piece of everything and none of it really makes much sense at all...Its a confusing microcosm.
At times when things do seem to make sense I have to stop and wonder, "Is this right, or is this some sort of a trick, a little game to set me up...break me. I hear a thousand thoughts, millions of words echo around, bouncing off the shattered walls of my mind. It wears me down...breaks me to the point of ruin. The total demise of my sanity is imminent. Destruction lies waiting in the shadows...And I no longer care.

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