Sunday, October 03, 2004

Forever I'll love you she said
whispered it softly in my ear...
ruby lips caress my neck
then teeth sunk in my flesh...
One last time...runs through my head
Forever I'll be yours she said
Nails rake down my back...
as I bite deeply into her shoulder
taste the warm blood as it flows
smell the sweetness of her flesh
One last time...never again
Forever I'll be true she said
as she looked deep within my eyes
as if trying to read my soul
then jumping if she had done just that
read my soul...felt its darkness..tasted the hate
A single tear ran down her she realized
somehow I knew....knew what she had done
and would never forgive her for it.
True? I asked her.....Fuckin TRUE..I screamed
in a I shoved her into the wall
A rage so deep I wanted to rip out her throat
As she sat there...tears streaming down her face...
As I stood above her....screaming...hating...unforgiving
Love left my soul....Forever


Robyn said...

*sits stunned and awed* WOW!

Breeze said...

you have shown me this one before. it's still as good now as it was then. love ya breeze

Breeze said...
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Jessica said...