Saturday, October 16, 2004

Have you ever felt the need to spill another's blood?
A feeling so strong that it eats away at you and demands your attention?
Grating on your nerves making them raw.
Tying your guts in knots that grow tighter and tighter.
Echoing and bouncing off the walls of your mind.
All you can do is sit and think about it, knowing you can do nothing....
Not yet anyways.
All in due time...They say every dog has his day.
Some dogs will find that their day has come sooner than expected.
When thy find themselves lying on the cold ground..
their life's blood slowly draining away.
Body growing cold and numb.
Light slowly fading from their eyes.
A faint ringing in their ears....
Then nothing.


Jessica said...

I hope to never offend you. ;) Do you find writing as cathardic as I do?

Lane said...

I feel this way a lot anymore. Thinking of all the myriad ways there are to kill and to die, and wishing either were an option. A decision can change life. A decision can take life away. We all choose. I have chosen.


ReaZ said...

Well dude I used to feel like this all the time. Mainly about my "dad." I almost did it actually. Had the guns loaded and everything. I was just waiting for him to come home. I desided to take some pills and take a walk instead. I guess he took too long coming home. In the end though, I'm glad it worked out that way.