Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Beauty That Is You

I close my eyes and let the beauty that is your soul fill me.
The warmth of your love bright and true,
A candle flame lighting the darkness
within this once cold heart.
Soft is your skin as I hold you tight,
warm is your breath upon my neck.
My soul is set free once again,
flying in endless skies of hope.
Lost in a whirl-wind of pleasure,
swirling and twisting.
Time stands still as I look within the depths of your eyes,
Down to your very soul.
Our lives are but a mere blink in the vastness of time,
But eternity could never replace the time that I have with you.


Anonymous said...

bret..thats pretty cool actually

Oh yea this whip:))

i like it tho dude:>

Jessica said...

That is very different from some of your works I have read before. Very nice. And I love the new layout ;)

The Lady said...

Every time I read this, I wish it had been written for me.