Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Silent Darkness

He sits in silent darkness
At times it seems to overwhelm him,
smothering and suffocating.
Tears build inside but are trapped there,
unable to be released, to flow free..
and in this build up of unreleased pain,
grows an anger of immeasurable strength.
Anger for all the pain, anger for the weakness.
It multiplies and overtakes the very soul,
turning the heart to cold stone.
He wishes that this roller coaster of emotion would come to a level,
even out or disappear all together.
At times it seems unbearable,
at others, he would not know what to do without it.
His mind is a mess, a massive confusion,
endlessly screaming, never shutting up,
never seeming to make sense.
Oh just for a day of silence...
He would give his soul.
But he knows this is how it is, how it must be,
has been for years...Will always be.

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