Sunday, December 04, 2005

Beyond The Crimson Door

Silently she sleeps beyond the crimson door
as daylight fades on the horizon,
exploding into shades of red and orange.
Painting the sky with its last breath,
As the caustic rays of the sun are set to sleep.
The gentle rise and fall of her chest,
her ivory skin draped in jet black lace,
cold as the frigid winds of a winters morn.
She has lain sleeping
awaiting the silent beauty of the evening.
Violet twilight now beckons her to wake,
calls out her name softly.
A gentle sigh escapes her lips
as her grey eyes slowly open.
Eyes the color of summer storm clouds
are now awakened to the world.
A new night now belongs to her.
Violet light bathes her icy flesh
awakens her senses , renews her once more
As she walks out into the night , into her world
beyond the crimson door.

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