Thursday, September 09, 2004

Anger builds, a storm of rage
Violence locked up, my heart the cage.
Burning deep behind my eyes
Distrust and worry, tears and lies.
Churning pool of unvented hate
Things left undone, now too late.
trapped inside this heart of stone
Are somethings better left alone.
Voices call from long past years
Twisting mind and ringing ears.
I push you in, release the pains
Mix with blood, run through these veins.
Rising up inside my head
Vision blurs to shades of red.
Limbs go numb as minutes pass
Eyes become like empty panes of glass.
Mind goes blank, forget for awhile
Thoughts of vengeance...Dark and Vile.
But dark skies still hang over head
Sometimes Yer Better Left For Dead!!!

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