Monday, September 20, 2004


In the dead of night..I hold you tight
such a loving embrace i give to you.
You will be the release from this place
I have wanted this for so long..
Held tightly between my two hands,
I raise you high above my head
and speak words no human is ment to hear.
But they are another.
My pain is another
My darkest desires are another
Black hair falling on naked white flesh.
Soon to be bathed in a river of crimson...
I throw my head back...and scream....
Years of pain released, in a single breath.
Moonlight dancing off the blade of steel
like stars on a calm lake
I have done my time...felt enough pain
and now...I know Ive had enough of it.
My discust for life is another
Deep in my soul, all is another
And my feelings are another.
In the blackness..that matches my soul
I walk silently through this night..
Knowing it will be my last here..
Feeling at peace...for once.
I take the blade...and with arms streched wide
raise it above my head once again.
And speak my final words here on earth.
I throw my head back..and draw the steel across my throat.
I fall to the ground as my life slowly drains away
Finaly at peace...Finally its over...Finaly life ends.
And as I lay there..
A crimson pool, lulls my mortal being
To an endless sleep.
And I am welcomed home

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Jessica said...

Only once you are there you can never come back.